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Kelly Brogan, MD

Holistic Medicine and Root-Cause Resolution

Kelly Brogan, MDIntegrative Psychiatrist and Author

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  • Why people commonly experience mental health symptoms
  • A more holistic, root-cause resolution approach to psychiatric treatment
  • Dangers of psychotropic medications and power of radical dietary change

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  1. LJ says:

    So refreshing to hear a doctor that doesn’t want to shove medications at patients. So many times you hear about these Band-Aid medications instead of getting to the root cause of the problem.
    I’m not ant-medication but a lot of the time these things can do more damage than good.
    Thanks Dr.Brogan

  2. Catherine Simmons says:

    I watched this video and cried. After 13 years on medications for bipolar disorder I have just weaned myself off them using the principles described by Dr. Brogan…and I did this immediately prior to hearing this and with no doc support or guidance (not that I’m recommending this approach, but my options were limited).

    I focused on symptoms, and realized that my current issues were due to drug side effects not an underlying pathology – my original problems were 3 episodes of brief reactive psychosis with diminishing intensity. The biggest supports for my success in withdrawal were resolution of past traumas, identification of root cause, and joining a gym class. So far , apart from a slight headache, all withdrawal effects have been positive:

    ~ reduced emotional reactivity
    ~ improved concentration
    ~ low blood sugar problems resolved
    ~ clearer memory
    ~ reduced anxiety

    It’s great just to feel like me again.

    I have an MSc in molecular genetics, am an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping) Practitioner, and training to be a Certified Life Coach. Now I know what my niche has to be.

    Thanks for the verification and the hope that is being given to others 🙂

  3. Old White Guy says:

    Too much sharp edged feminism and attitude for me to get past to benefit from, but I’m glad some were served by her in the comments.

    • Patricia says:

      Old White Gal responding. I hear ya! I have felt so put off & left out so often by the overbearing masculinism & pateralistic attitudes of the mainstream boys in white. Finally, a consommate professional Scientist who is also an alternative/functional practitioner who actually has a sincere primary interest in women & families & secondary interest in male folk. Me things a couple hundred years of this reversed focus should just about even the score

  4. Tina says:

    I was a happy, healthy mom of two who just received certification as a Holistic Health Coach when a dental surgery left me with nerve pain. A dentist prescribed Valium as Diazepam ( an addictive Benzidiazepine). Having never been on an RX Medication besides antibiotics, I took it naively not realizing that it was addictive or how powerful of a drug it was. It helped, so I continued to take it ” as needed”, very sporadically for 18 months! I continued to have more nerve pain, added muscle tension, skin burning, tremor, heart palpitations and array of other mysterious symptoms. I was being told I had TMJ issues from the dental work. I had no idea I became chemically addicted very quickly. These drugs down regulate the GABA receptors in as little as two weeks. I must have been in interdose and tolerance withdrawal for the majority of time I was taking it. I was in so much pain and becoming depressed because I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I ended up seeing a neurologist due to the neurological issues I was having. I was weak, dizzy, had numbness in the limbs, nauseas, couldn’t eat or think straight. Finally a friend casually mentioned that Valium was addictive and I immediately hopped on the Internet to do some research. I was shocked to find out it was this medication making me so sick. Unfortunately, I made matters worse by stopping the medication cold turkey. My nervous system went into complete chaos. I have now been free of this drug for just under eleven months and continue to struggle with the damage to my GABA receptors. Due to down regulation and the abrupt cessation of the chemical, my brain was left with no coping mechanism. I was stricken with terror, fear, incessant anxiety, the feeling of impending doom, intrusive thoughts, cognitive impairment, gastrointestinal issues, extreme tension, jaw clenching, nerve pain, and the list goes on. Professor Heather Ashton, a professor of Nueroscience in the UK is the leading authority on research and treatment of Benzo withdrawal. It is understood that healing can take an average of a year and can become protracted leading to many years of symptoms as the brain heals. There is essentially no help in the medically community for those wanting to withdrawal safely from these drugs and certainly very few who even believe in the potential for this class of drugs to do any harm. It has been said that withdrawing from heroin is easier than withdrawing from Benzos. I wonder how many are suffering with ailments and mystery illnesses being caused by tolerance to these medications. My silver lining in all that I have been through is that I have now been sufficiently educated through my personal journey and can help others who may be going through a similar nightmare. Kudos to Kelly for being ahead of her time in her field and preventing her clients from a lifetime of poly drugging. And yes…. Reach out to IIN. As a fellow graduate from this outstanding nutrition school, there is no doubt there are other graduates who can provide wonderful support.

    • Trudy Scott, Food Mood Expert and Nutritionist says:

      Thanks for sharing your story. I’m so sorry that you had to go through this. I hear stories like this all the time and I am so horrified that patients are not warned and that the medical profession isn’t aware of the problems and continue to prescribe them!

      I wish you continued healing and commend you for wanting to help others. I am committed to educating people about the dangers too and would love to team up in some way and share your story in a bigger way. I can be reached via support @ everywomanover29.com

  5. Anna says:

    How does one pursue becoming a practitioner much like Dr. Brogan?Who teaches from her perspective, and offers the opportunity to serve in helping others through the means of a holistic approach–be it nutrition, psychiatric, counseling, etc? Are there other positions needed? Thanks! Also, how can I find a doctor such as herself or become better educated in this area?

    • Kat Toups. MD, DFAPA says:

      Dear Ana,

      Check out the Institution for Functional Medicine – http://www.Functional Medicine.org

      There is a find-a-practitioner section there, as well as information on their upcoming training courses for health professionals.

      As part of my Functional Medicine education, in addition to taking all of the trainings at IFM, I started a study group of local San Francisco Bay area practitioners that has met monthly for 3+ hours almost 4 years now, and exchanges emails on research and clinical data in between meetings.

      Because of so many requests to join our group, I also started the bay area Functional Medicine listserv, which has about 160 practitioners from various disciplines – primarily around the San Francisco bay area, but from other parts of the country as well.

      And now there is a group out of New York called Functional Forum, who is helping to facilitate bringing these type of meetings between Functional practitioners to locations all over the country. You can check them out on Facebook.
      It’s getting much easier to find support for a functional medicine learning curve. ☺️

  6. Dorothy says:

    I had a horrid experience with Abilify. I became paralyzed and my doctors did not believe me. I could no longer get out of a chair, put on my own underwear or wipe when I used the toilet. I could no longer cook, clean, do laundry or have ***.
    Abilify destroyed my life. I had an ebay business that I could no longer do.
    I couldn’t understand why my PCP insisted it was impossible. I sat in a chair and my body deteriorated. My muscles atrophied. My whole body was in pain.
    I got off of Abilify by reducing it very gradually and no longer went to the prescribing psychiatrist.
    Can you suggest a doctor who can help me get rid of the rest of my meds.
    I was diagnosed as bi-polar and I can’t accept that diagnosis. I never had any problems until Abilify was added to my prescriptions. Have you ever heard of this?
    I live in Gilbert, Arizona. I would appreciate any insight you may have.

  7. Ilse Wenzel says:

    I loved Dr Brogans presentation. I am bi polar and was on Lithium for some 30 years for they diagnosed me as such. Later I was told I was not bi polar but at that point it had given me chronic kidney disease and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease with the tremors et al. I am very interested to go off the meds I am on now :Lamictal and Cymbalta and I also have been taking Restoral for years. I was given Trazadone but it does not let me sleep even if I take 300 mg
    I am going to try to reduce the Lamictal from 2 tbsp one in morning and one at night
    Before I totally have my body destroyed I want to do this. So tired of all forty years the constant condescending attitude about me being bi polar and the question: Are U taking your meds when I even laugh or am just myself
    These psychotic meds change a person, totally change them
    and reduce the Cymbalta to one every other day instead of one as day

  8. Patricia says:

    Thanks to the hosts for having you on this summit and thanks for your contribution to the mental health arena! We need more doctors who are brave enough to do what you are doing!! Thanks a bunch!!!

  9. Lisa says:

    Dr B is so right-on with her approach and aim to be a more useful and wholistic kind of psychiatrist. Medicine is NOT the answer in most cases and often makes things worse. Personally, I have reclaimed my life thru the three tips she gives and am off 8 medicines- having reversed diabeties, HBP, Hashimotos, high cholesterol, lost 60+ pounds- while I still struggle with chronic stress of bipolar son and some of what I believe is stress-related depression…..I feel more physically alive at 58 than I have since my 20’s. Find a coach, naturopath, or if your as blessed as me- an endocrinologist who is stepping outside of protocol. As Dr B said, if a patient is ready for some responsibility for change, she can tell. This is what my doc saw in me. Bless and thank you Dr B for the encouragement and message. My PCP wanted to send me to a protocol psychiatrist who surely would have added to my regiment of medicines. I am one of the luckiest, blessed people I know and many others can’t accept that my story is true.

  10. Orla Nelson says:

    As an older woman who has been on a minimal dose of antidepressants for 30 years. There are many faces of that diagnosis but I want to bless all of you practitioners in your generation for zeroing in and eliminating the causes of the “mental conditions”. This series has been the most comprehensive source of information I have found. Yes! Wholistic Health is the way to go!!

  11. Dorothy Kenny says:

    Hi. I’ve been listening all week. Have tried to purchase the Summit 4 times…..but it keeps getting rejected. I have also tried to contact you, but it also gets rejected. Please advise……..I don’t want to miss the discount.

  12. Denise says:

    Two issues: 1)How does one find a medical doctor who takes insurance who can help one taper off anti-depression drugs, like litheim (sic)and Lexapro Looking particularly for one in or near Scottsdale, Az. And how does one find a medical doctor for children with ADHD and perhaps other mental health issues that doesn’t just want to immediately prescribe medicine. The child refuses to take meds and I think that’s an intuitive response to the side effects and I’d like to find some medical professional who is willing to help us support her without meds.

  13. Linda says:

    I have a long familial history of anxiety that leads to depression. The miracle I have experience is by taking a prescription level of vitamin D. It helps me 10 times more than any psychiatric medication. I am so excited about it I want to shout it from the mountain tops. The problem I am still having is getting off anti depression and anti anxiety medication. It is liberating to me to hear you say that anti depression medication is addictive. I am beginning a journey of plant based medicine and trying to learn about healing the body with plants instead of drugs. This summer I have started identifying and trying plant medicine. This is an exciting direction that I am under taking and am looking forward to eliminated prescription drugs by using plant, organically grown, medicine.

  14. Jenny Kitching says:

    I love listening to Kelly Brogan, her passion in infectious and she speaks across so many summits to educate people.

  15. Awesome speaker and her information is what I teach my clients as a Health Coach and Colon Hydrotherapist. Dr. Brogan needs to contact IIN in NY for a list of graduates of Health Coaching which their school is an alternative holistic program. I graduated in Dec. and it was the best thing I have ever done..

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